Locally Grown, Garden of Mugs

Still working on the photo’s.  I must say it is so nice to photograph my own work whenever I please, and just play with it… delete it…try again. 

These are my latest mugs.  Mugs tend to be everyone’s favorite.  I have really decorated these… I love to draw and many people love to have color and imagery on the pottery they buy.  Some people don’t understand the extra work that goes into it and wonder why the price of these mugs are higher than my plain mugs.  As potters we should always remember the worth of our time.  Today I was saying to my apprentice Pam that my past students make the best customers because they understand how difficult and time consuming pottery is. Pam replied I think we should offer free wheel time every once in awhile to your customers just so they can get a little hint as to what goes into the process of making pots!

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2 thoughts on “Locally Grown, Garden of Mugs

  1. So nice to get a mention! :)

    I do think that the work that goes into everyone of these carefully wheel thrown, thoughtfully decorated, and precisely glazed pieces is way underrated.

    It takes FOREVER to get the balance just right, the handle comfortable, the size functional, etc. I know because it is magic when I can pull it off and I know how long Lucy has been working at her craft.

    Would YOU go to a workshop to get a feel for how pottery is made? I did, fell in love with it, and am glad to have a chance to see if I can be artist of this craft.

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