Studio Entrance in Spring

I can show you a photo… but I wish I could somehow fill your sense of smell with the sweet scent of  lilacs that permeate my studio entrance.  The weather this spring must be perfect for lilacs here in Massachusetts, because everywhere I see lilac bushes they have abundant blooms!

lilacs at the arbor

I have made some signs for my entrance, finally.  One for the gate, so that you know it’s the studio, and not to come knocking at the house entrance.  The other is just a welcome sign at the door.  I made these just before the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail a couple of weeks ago.  I thought people might like the welcome sign, so made an extra which sold on the trail,  (also had an order for one).  Yesterday I made one for the order…  and some extra just in case,  maybe I’ll put them up on etsy!

After the RainEarly Spring Welcome

Then of course… my studio entrance is not complete without my studio dogs! 

Guard Dogs in Spring

Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail… Some New Work

Two days until the 2013 Pottery Trail.  This year is our 9th annual tour of nine potter’s studios throughout Western Massachusetts. We have invited eight guests this year… all very well-known.  See my earlier post for who the potters are!  Get get all the details on our beautiful brand new website! And come out to see us, even if you’re not local… just check our sponsors for great B&Bs to stay!

So here is a little sampling of what you will find on the Trail at my studio!

Sweet cups Blue Dessert Bowls bowl bottom Details of Blue pie plates 3 Spring Mugs Inside Green Stripey Waterfall






Gettting Ready for the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail

Our 9th annual Pottery Trail is at the end of the month!  Have you seen our brand new website?  
We have so many guest potters this year… it’s going to be a great one!
From North to South, the potters and the guests are. Mary Barringer, Todd Wahlstrom, Molly Cantor, Daniel Bellow, Steve Earp, Lucy Fagella, Tom White, Hayne Bayless, Sam Taylor, Tiffany Hilton, Adero Willard, James Guggina, Eveline Snyder, Francine Ozereko, Kristen Kieffer, Donna McGee, Mara Superior.

April 27th and 28th 2013!   See our website for all the details, and a printable brochure and map! 


Sunday Morning Sunlight on the Pottery Trail

Yesterday was a very busy day on the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail.  So many visitors from other states staying at local B&Bs, and lots of locals too!  Today is our second day and we are open 10-5.

It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday morning… seemed like a good time to take some photos!

Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail

It’s today!  The 8th annual self guided tour of nine professional potter’s studio’s and their guests!  Check our website for a map directions and all the info about who’s on the trail.  There is all the latest on facebook too!

Here is a little taste of what you will find at my studio this time around.


Take a Spin Through Kiln Country

A nice short and sweet little video about our pottery tour this weekend, featuring Mary Barringer, Tom White, Steve Earp and Molly Cantor.

There are 14 of us this year including our guests!  Check out our website for all the details, including a down-loadable map.

Resting After a Very Busy Pottery Trail

I don’t know about the rest of you potters out there, but after I do a big weekend show it takes me a couple of days to recoup.  That’s one of the many reasons I don’t do craft fairs anymore.   This particular show… the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail is really intense.  Weeks of preparation, throwing, glazing, firing, promoting, then transforming the studio into a showroom.  Then a full non stop weekend of visitors, then transforming the studio back to a studio, and on top of that teaching classes the past two nights… WHEW!  Yet I must say to any potters out there who are thinking of doing a pottery tour, it’s all worth it… DO IT!  You build community with your fellow local potters, and the larger community, and people really love to come and see your studio, drive the country roads, and eat at local eateries.  It’s also great for the local economy! 

The Grandaddy of pottery tours is this weekend…   My friend Mary Barringer just finished our tour this past weekend, and she’s off to be a guest potter in the 19th annual Minnesota Tour this coming weekend… talk about tired!  She goes every year.  I always hear when she comes back, that people in Minnesota really get pottery!

After a couple of days of getting the studio back, and packing pots (for shops who placed orders way before the tour), I decided today was a complete DO NOT STEP FOOT IN THE STUDIO DAY!  I instead I planted lettuce, weeded spinach, and sat on the back porch drinking Mikes Hard Lemonade from one of my new cups!

Fiddleheads, Wild Leeks, Serving Dish

Well it seems here in Western Massachusetts that the fiddleheads and ramps (wild leeks) are up before the asparagus in my garden.  Yesterday I took a much needed break from glazing, firing kilns and all the preparations for the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail.  Terri and I went to a very special, hard to get to place along the Green River.  We traversed little brooks, balanced carefully over fallen tree bridges, ducked under brambles, and got stuck with thorns.  We came home with three deer ticks on our bodies, lots of scratches, and over three pounds of fiddleheads*, and a bunch of wild leeks!  It was an adventure, which was well worth it!   

A dinner of shrimp and pasta was made with a hearty serving of fiddleheads sautéed in olive oil and wild leeks!

Yes… this serving dish is available on the Pottery Trail!

*Please note when picking wild edibles to not over-pick!  Three heads are the MOST that should be picked from one plant.  Wild leeks grow in patches, the MOST that should be picked is 5% of a patch. They are bulbs and do not grow back!