From the Studio Garden

Fall in Massachusetts.  The leaves are turning their glorious colors, and the flowers are showing off the last of their beauty before the frost comes.

One of the beautiful dahlia’s from the garden entrance to my studio.

Doing what you can do, while injured

It’s that bittersweet end of summer in New England.  The nights are getting cooler, the kids begin school tomorrow, and my fall pottery classes begin next week.  I am trying to get back into full work mode after vacation at the beach last week.  I’m having a hard time of it though, since I had a little mishap at the beach while playing football with my two teenage sons.  Seems the younger of the two,  Andrew, doesn’t know his own strength… quite innocently he rammed into my chest… the result for me is one cracked rib.   My lesson… never play football with teenage boys.

So I’m letting this week go, with hopes that I will be able to throw pots next week… little pots.  This week I’m slowly finishing my bats for the studio.  All the new ones were made before vacation, with repairs to the old ones.  These past two days I set them all out in the yard for polyurethane.   I am so happy I accomplished something that really needed to get done.  I’m hoping tomorrow to be able to start photographing new work for Etsy…  another not so physical task that desperately needs to be done!

Studio Dogs in Summer

 Summer just moves at a different pace, everything seems to be slowing down around me… except me, this summer.     Oh how I wish I were a kid off for the summer, or like my studio dogs lazing around waiting for rabbits.

Here are the two cuties guarding my studio entrance on a sunny summer day.

Willow and Graham watching for rabbits.

Very Sucessful Pottery Trail

It was our 6th year for the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail, and definitely the best.  Each year we have more and more visitors and sales.  This year feels like it just exploded.  My studio on Saturday was elbow to elbow for a couple of hours.  And steady sales through out the weekend.  Sunday as usual had less traffic, it was a great day for customers to see demos by my apprentice Pam and an advanced student, Gayle.

People came from Boston, N.Y, Phillly, Albany, Vt., Maine, N.J. N.H. and Conn.  Some stayed at local B&Bs or just took day trips.  I definitely think our tour boosts the local economy! 

I worked on dismantling some of the displays today, but the studio is still not in order for Tuesday night classes.  I’m wiped out, but just wanted to share a little bit.


Plates and my “Not So Little” Helper

My son Andrew doesn’t spend as much time in the studio as when he was little, (he is now 12) but he has this one job he still likes to do… after I make a bunch of plates, he happily gets the job of spinning that potter’s wheel scraping the excess off the bats.