Spring at Lucia Pottery

The dogs, Daisy and Willow are guarding the studio as usual, while I am making my pots. My focus right now in the studio is stocking up on urns.  I have made my very smallest keepsakes to my largest urns, and have very tired hands to prove it. Now I’m giving it a rest and taking photos for my etsy FoodieCeramics shop, and my etsy LuciaUrns shop.  This coming week I will be in the fields and woods picking leaves and flowers for my yearly springtime making of biodegradable urns. And lastly, I having been watching a lot of baseball.  Only one son is playing this year as the other is off to college and not playing for now.  The Greenfield HS varsity team did very well again this year, not as good as last year (winning the Western MA championship).  They lost yesterday in the Western MA final.  Today the summer American Legion league started, so not even a day break for a baseball mom!

Lazy Memorial Day weekendReady to carveAll Sizes of UrnsFields of Grass Urn dryingGreen leaves urns drying


Pottery and Poetry

Another poem from a customer… this one is about a cup purchased from my seconds shelf.

Ode to a Second

I cannot say you were made for me,
But you are mine nonetheless.
I cherish your not-so-fatal flaws
None other could possess.

A little bumped there,
A little warped here,
You might be just a little off—
But aren’t we all, my dear?

Your face is that of a marble
Chiseled out of the blue green sea,
Your shape a sweeping ripple
Of raw resiliency.

Your beauty perplexes,
But your imperfections I understand.
No, I cannot say you were made for me,
But you fit so perfectly in my hand.

Thank you Ashley Fitzroy!

What to expect at my studio on the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail


Today I cleaned the studio with my two assistants. Pamela, and Rosie.  Both of them went nuts, so if you come to the studio and don’t see a speck of clay anywhere… you will have to believe me that I really am a potter and I do actually make pots here!

The studio gets transformed from a working clay studio, to a gallery/shop. The five potter’s wheels are moved, the glazes are hidden under the glaze table, and all the work tables are covered with table linens for the display of pottery. Here are some pots fresh out of the kiln waiting to go on display.

sugar jar after ready for the trail sugar and salt

There are nine stops with 20 potters on the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail, some will have live music, some will have demos, all will have food!

At my studio you will first see a tent in front of the studio with pottery demonstrations on the wheel. (unless it is too cold, then my assistant will demo inside). If you want to get your hands dirty at the potter’s wheel, we will be more than happy to let you give it a try!  Once you come into the studio your senses will be greeted to the site of a lot of pottery and the aroma of garlic. You can’t come to one of my studio sales without seeing the garlic grate bowls that I make in action.  So walk in a little further and taste the fresh-baked bread dipped into the garlic/olive oil mixture. You might want to eat some homemade cookies while you’re there too. Take your time, ask questions, this is your time to see how a potter makes this all happen. As you are browsing though the pottery displays, don’t forget about the my kiln room which get transformed into its own little pottery seconds sale. Yes there will be some pots with slight imperfections, sold at bargain prices!

Once you have had enough of my pots, walk through the studio door into our kitchen and see the pottery of Victoria Crowell. You should start smelling flowers by then, because with Vikki when you buy a vase filled with flowers you get not only the vase, but the flower bouquet too! I am happy to be having a guest potter this year for the first time, and Vikki is a great choice!  Here is a Vikki teaser.  Take a look at her website for more.

vikki c 2014

Vikki’s colorful cups!



Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail

Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail with us this weekend!

April 26th and 27th, 10-5 both days!

Take the self guided driving tour through the valley in western MA… see the studios and the work of nine potters and eleven guest potters.

Get all the details on our website, www.apotterytrail.com
Follow us on our facebook page

2014 brochure Final

A Stash of New Pots from the Worcester Pottery Invitational

Recovering from the weekend at the Worcester Pottery Invitational, which I think should be called the Worcester Pottery Inspirational!

It was a tiring weekend, as a weekend show always is… but this show was even more so. Usually at a show when I am not talking to customers, I get a little break and sit quietly, but it was just too much fun to be with such great potters that all I did was look at their work, talk about pots, and life, as a studio potter.  The whole weekend was an inspiration!
Here is a stash of new pots that came home with me. I am happy to welcome the pottery of these talented potters to my home!  Holly Walker, Bryan Hopkins, Julie Johnson, Jeremy Randall, Julie Crosby, Tom O’Malley, Maya Machin, Rob Cartelli, Adero Willard, Nicole Aquillano, and Hannah Niswonger!

goodies from the Worcester Pottery Invitational