Pottery Buzzing

Butter Bells


It’s been awhile since I last wrote…the studio is still a buzzing from the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail.  I have been busy filling orders and restocking my supply of pottery.  This past two weeks I made more butter bells, berry bowls, garlic grater dishes, mugs, and vases.  Most of these items I will be selling at the local farmers market.  My friend and fellow potter, Tiff Hilton sells her pottery each spring/summer/fall at the market.  She asked me if I would fill in for her once or twice a month.  I thought that would be a great place to sell my farm related products such as butter bells, garlic keepers etc.  So my first farmers market gig is the next two saturday mornings, May 24th and 31st at the Greenfield Farmers Market, Main St. and Court Square.  Here is a photo of my butter bells… to find out more detail about these little wonders visit my website.


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