Transition Time

As a mother and a potter sometimes pottery takes a back seat.  Summer vacation is starting my boys are keeping me busy.  The last couple of weeks have consisted of lots of baseball games, field trips, end of year farewells, etc.  I always find it difficult, this transition time from kids in school, to summer vacation.  My work is a constant interruption.  Yet I know our children grow all too quickly and someday I’ll wish I could be sitting at a game!

As for the pottery I hope to have my new work photographed soon and up on my website.  Here is a sneak peek of my latest mugs and a very good baseball player named Luke Toritto (my oldest son)


2 thoughts on “Transition Time

  1. Hi Lucy,
    Been reading your blog for some time as was compelled to write after seeing the post about your children and how quickly they grow up. So true. The pottery will always be there… Here’s to summer vacation and baseball games!

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