What I learned from farming…. diversity

There were a few years in there between making pots and having babies where I farmed.  To survive as a farmer I learned a lot about diversity.  Not just to grow one crop,  but to grow many, including flowers (lots of them).  I learned to stagger my plantings, to have different markets, from wholesale to a CSA, to have chickens for meat, eggs and manure… etc.  It was a learning experience I now bring into my pottery.

I laughed today as I photgraphed my tiny little garlic grating dishes.  Two days ago I photographed my large 12lb urns.  I thought man…. people who look at my blog must think I’m all over the place.  Well,  in one sense I am.  It’s the diversity thing.  The different markets… wholesale, retail, studio sales, galleries, web sales, farmers markets. The teaching… classes and workshops.  The making…  larger sculptural pots, to tiny dipping dishes, teapots, mugs, butter bells.  True utilitarian pottery, to pots that sit on a shelf, or at a memorial service for your loved one.  The one common thread is that they are all functional even those that hold flowers… (lots of them).

I’m sharing a photo of my finished garlic grating dishes, and another photo of them in process.  They are not yet on my website as they are quite new to me.  I made my first ones for my May studio sale and I having been making them for the farmers market.  I pretty much sell them as quick as I make them. They are a pretty neat item. The bottom of the little dish is a rough surface, (I use a colored slip).  You grate your garlic clove on this surface then you add olive oil, salt and pepper and have an instant delicious dipping oil.  I hear you can also grate ginger then add soy sauce for a sushi type dip.



6 thoughts on “What I learned from farming…. diversity

  1. i love it!! what a brilliant idea. please let me know when your garlic graters are available on your website. also, i’d love to see some of your butter bells. my butter bell is one of my favorite possessions, being the huge butter nut that i am, but i think i’m ready for a newer, more attractive one.

  2. I love the idea of the diversity in your work and the way you live. I don’t know that I could do the same thing all the time and I bet you are the same way. For me, new things, new people, different experiences feed the work and make it better.

  3. Wow! I just found your site because of watching some expert village videos. I started a pottery class last night and threw on the potter’s wheel for the first time.
    I’d love to know when your garlic graters are available. I’m also very glad to hear about your diversity. I feel that way about my artwork as well. I never met a medium I didn’t like.

  4. Hi Lucy,
    My name is Carmen, I think your garlic grater are great. I like to buy one, let me know prices.

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