Learning to Photograph Pottery

Blogging is so much fun…. the whole pottery community connection thing that happens!  Because of a link on Kristen Kieffers blog  I’ve gotten great info on how to photograph my work.  There is this great site for potters on how to photograph your work – Fresh Plums Pottery by potter/teacher John Glick. 

I love my present photographer John Polak but I just can afford to go to him every time I want a new photo.  I have not been able to properly represent my current work on my website because of this. 

I purchased some good lighting equipment from Linco.  I heard about the amazing sales they have monthly on their website, so I checked the site monthly for about four months and was able to get a great deal on a boom light kit.  So my work lately is learning how to photograph my pots.  It is a challenge, but fun!

Arghh…too bright, tone it down!   I’ll learn!


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