Weekend Sale Results

For all you potters out there in blog land… With the economy doing so poorly, I know I’m wondering how we are all doing.  Here in western Massachusetts. (the land of many potters) many of us keep in touch on our sales and shows.  I would like to know on the larger level how we are all fairing this season in this economy.  

I had a great sale this weekend.  Less customers, yet those who came, came with the intention to buy.  In the western Ma. region there is a real focus on buying local, be it farm products, main street businesses or handmade art and crafts.  The people who came are real devoted to this concept… I’m happy to live here!

Quiet part of the sale

For the life of me I can never remember to take photos while there are people at my open studio.  I can also never remember to do a count of people!



2 thoughts on “Weekend Sale Results

  1. Hi Lucy – Happy to read that your sales were good! In my studio gallery in Cambria, Ca, I’m finding that people who have an appreciation for handmade craft will still buy. This is my first year having an onsite gallery, so I don’t have a comparison. However, the other gallery and shop owners tell me sales are way down. Seems like people who are “price-tag shoppers” looking for Christmas presents are coming through the gallery and moving on rather quickly. I just can’t compete with clever (but manufactured) gifts they can get down the street for half the price. Try not to get my little feelings hurt. That’s the hardest part about being an onsite artist selling your own work…

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