Time off from Mud/Dog helps fix Kiln

I had a wonderful break from one kind of mud, but spent a whole lot of time in my old house mudding in un- even walls, and painting.  Last winter we tranformed an old pantry next to the studio into a 1/2 bath and utility room.  This holiday break it’s finally finished!  It’s been great to have a slop sink and toilet for the studio.

I’m back to the mud I prefer, after starting my work week with fixing my kiln.  After so many firings, an element wire needed to be replaced and some wiring got fried my last firing (of course right before the holiday sale).

Here is a photo of my dog Graham helping me fix the kiln!

My dog in the middle of things


5 thoughts on “Time off from Mud/Dog helps fix Kiln

  1. Thanks… we are all happy students don’t have to trek through the house anymore.

    And a potters work is never done… actually my apprentice and I are going to have a little dialog via blogging about that subject.

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