The Easter Bread Influence

 Easter was a big holiday, growing up Italian and Catholic.  One of my favorite memories of Easter was making Easter bread.  As a little kid I always felt strong helping my mother knead 10lbs of dough… then I always felt like an artist braiding the dough.  These were my earliest influences in becoming a potter… strength and artistry!




4 thoughts on “The Easter Bread Influence

  1. i grew up italian and catholic too but we never made bread that looked that delicious… i remember helping making gnocchi and ravioli from scratch but not easter bread

  2. What a great idea. Never blogged before. I have never made Easter Bread myself. But I have memories of helping my Grandmother make it. Only difference was that we added colored hard boiled eggs to make an Easter wreath of it. Long time ago. Just celebrated my 80th birthday. Hope you and the boys had a blessed Happy Easter

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