The Pottery Second I Kept

I wanted this bowl since it came out of the kiln in November 2008.  The outside of the bowl is a celadon green, and the inside is the most beautiful black oil spot glaze.  It has one little flaw where the glaze does not meet on the rim.  Knowing I could make another one I decided to put  it on the seconds table at my Holiday sale… it didn’t sell.  I reluctantly put it out at the Seconds sale in March at Greenfield H.S. … it still didn’t sell.  I just put it on the seconds table again this past weekend at the AVP Trail and told myself if it doesn’t sell this time it’s going in my kitchen.  Now of course I did not bring the price down any lower, knowing full well if I did it might sell.  I should have just kept it back in November, it was meant to be!  Well it’s now happily serving salad from the greenhouse at my dinner table.



2 thoughts on “The Pottery Second I Kept

  1. What a perfect shade that glaze is! Love the scalloped rim. And lettuce from your own greenhouse… does it get any sweeter? I like your blog layout, btw. 😉

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