Dinnerware Set Glazing

Well it is about time I’m glazing that dinnerware set for my family.  If you’ve followed my blog in the past you are aware that I started making a dinnerware set back in January (check catagory cloud, or tags for dinnerware)  It was during my slow time, well of course it got busy, and I am now just getting to the glazing five months later. 

As with the making of the plates I haved noted the time it takes for each step of the way.  With hopes that non potters will come to undersand the price difference from Target to real handmade pottery.  And that students of pottery will see that the whole process of becoming a professional potter takes PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE.

Tuesday May 5th,   music playing while glazing today… I went from retro, George Michael, to reggae, Michael Franti,  The Cure, to Pink, anything danceable, to keep me grooving for this long process!

11:45- 1:00 … take plates from dusty shelves, dust each one and wax resist all 30 of the plates bottoms.

1:10- 1:40… Apply first layer of glaze. (waxy blush glaze)

1:40-2:35… brush on wax resist decoration, and wipe feet of each plate from any glaze that stuck.

2:35- 3:05… eat lunch.

3:10-4:15… dip all 30 plates in second glaze. (black oil, albany slip glaze)

So, the glazing part of this has taken approximately 4 1/2 hours.  Next is loading the kiln and firing.

dinnerware set waiting to be glazedWaxed bottomsappying wax resist decorationDipping the plates in the black oil glaze


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