Addendum to the Dinnerware Set

I have been getting quite a few comments on the hourly rate of a potter.  Molly Cantor helped me to realize that I didn’t add in a few things like rent/mortgage, kiln repairs, show fees, advertising, web design fees etc.  Whoa… if I add all these in I think the hourly rate goes down to $5.00 an hour or less.   So why is it we potters are potters????   We really do love our work I guess!  I know I do!!!


4 thoughts on “Addendum to the Dinnerware Set

  1. Hi Lucy, hopefully there are pieces you can make which would bringl you more per hour than $5. I love what I do and I am trying to figure out how I can at least make a part time living from my pottery. I haven’t been selling long enough to know what I make per hour. I know initially the cost of equipment and supplies and testing and learning adds up, but in any business there would be a start up cost. In ceramics it seems the learning curve is much greater than in many other types of businesses. I call it a business even though it is also art, because to continue a potter must make money unless they have other income or are independently wealthy. Ron Philbeck just posted an on his blog about how to attract folks to purchase pottery and there was quite a number of comments.

  2. Hi Linda,

    Yes I do make more money selling other items. Dinnerware is just so exacting with sizing and matching of glazes. Customers want it all to look the same, and when one breaks they want a replacement. I have decided as an artist, that is not what I want to do. So that is why I’m just saying “no” to dinnerware! 🙂

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