Before Show Preparations and Hurting Hands

This weekend is the North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival.  Where everything is garlic, even the ice cream.  So I’m bringing my garlic graters, french butter keepers with garlic flavored butter, and garlic jars.  I guess I’ll bring some mugs and bowls too.

I don’t usually do craft fairs but I’m trying to do more local stuff and have found that diversity is the key to  running a good business.  I’ve also heard this is a good fair.  Too bad the weather is calling for rain…  we shall see.

Does anyone have any suggestions besides rest, (which I am doing today) for hurtin potter’s hands???   My hands have been hurting since building all the new tables and shelves for the studio.  I then did a lot of throwing, and now a lot of glazing. 

Here is a pic of the loaded glaze table.  Lot’s of garlic graters!

Glazing for the Garlic and Arts Festival



6 thoughts on “Before Show Preparations and Hurting Hands

  1. hi, Lucy…
    as in our last emails….ibuprofen…high strength….600/ 800 for symptomatic releif…
    time for real medicine/ ortho…
    exactly where and what is the pain like…?
    makes a difference….
    thumb and first 2 fingers…median nerve..
    fingers 4 and 5, innervated by the ulnar nerve { the funny bone, really }
    pain in the midpalm/ wrist….usually “carpal tunnel”..but not always..
    Xray first….NO CT, unless Xray is positive for cyst…for any musculoskeletal problem….HIGH resolution MRI is really the only way to go….
    some people have a discrepancy in the relative length of the two bones in the forearm….and that can set up early degenerative changes in the wrist..
    bottom line….a very good HAND specialist…
    you do a lot of biking, too, right ? sometimes the combined effects of handlebars, and wedging, and throwing…..and carpentry…..etc…
    good luck and let me know…
    i would be glad to “overread” any images…lol

  2. Boy Larry… you’ve covered it all! The palm and wrist don’t bother me, it’s really the thumbs and fingers. Mainly it’s just an ache, and tired, no sharp pain. I’m giving myself a few days break. I’m taking the ibuprohen, and massaging arnica oil on twice a day. I’ll see a doc if it doesn’t get any better. I’ll keep you informed. Thanks so much.

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