Pottery Studio Guard Dog

My doggie Graham guarding the studio entrance. 

Before the first frost

This shot was taken last week when I knew the first hard frost was coming that night.  Sad to say all those flowers were gone the next day.  There just wasn’t enough summer in New England this year.  It really feels like we never really had a summer with all the rain.


7 thoughts on “Pottery Studio Guard Dog

  1. Gosh here too in the West. I had to water the lawn maybe 2x’s this summer. The rain did all the rest, which was a blessing, but weird…..

  2. All of the farmers around here are saying, that we literally only had two weeks of summer! I didn’t realize the west was the same way with the rain. Maybe it’s not global warming, but global raining!

  3. ROFL… I have a long studio dog, too! She’s a lot bigger, though. Half basset, half husky, and a little over 50 pounds, all bone and muscle. Raini-dog loves exploring the kiln shed each and every time it’s open and keeps me company in the studio.

  4. OMG she is sooo cute! I’m such a sucker for dogs with floppy ears. I love the look of hounds, but hate the fact they they just follow their nose, and come back when they damn well please! Sadly Graham is on a leash 95% of the time.

  5. ROFL Well, had a purebreed Siberian husky before Raini, and she had no sense of territory at all. Home was wherever she was. I didn’t even try to train Raini to go off lead… with running as part of husky character, and nose-following from her basset mom, Rain would be long gone before she’d realize she didn’t know how to get home!

    At least we have a good-sized backyard that is fenced in for her (the kiln shed is inside the fence). And thank goodness she hasn’t figured out how to climb fences! Shanza (my old husky) could scale a 6-foot chainlink fence as easy as pie. Those massively thick husky toenails!

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