Stop Throwing, Start Glazing for the Holiday Open Studio

I always find it hard to stop throwing before my Studio Sales.  I get this fear that there will not be enough.  I said to my apprentice Pam on Thursday,  What if someone comes in and buys a stack of Garlic Grating dishes and I run out.  Well Thursday night someone did just that… a customer came to the studio and bought ten “Garlic Grates” (my name for them), I didn’t run out , but it just instilled more fear of not having enough.  It’s always nice to sell a bunch of stuff, but needless to say, today I was back in the studio throwing more, and feeling like I should be back in tomorrow for more.

It’s now one in the morning and I’m waiting for a kiln to finish.  (did I tell you I just love my new L&L kiln) It’s just non stop for the few weeks before the sale!   Here are some olive dishes and butter keepers waiting for the bisque firing.

BTW the Open Studio is December 4,5,6 .

These will have the green glaze which pools blue in the split rim

French Butter Keepers drying in the sunshine


4 thoughts on “Stop Throwing, Start Glazing for the Holiday Open Studio

  1. Good luck with your event. Nicholas has been busy making vases and large bowls. They have medium fire clay now.

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