Warren Mackenzie Retrospective at the Fuller Craft Musuem

Today was an exciting field trip day for the Asparagus Valley Potter’s Guild.  We took a two-hour bus trip to the Fuller Museum in Brockton, Ma. to see the wonderful Warren Mackenzie Retrospective.  We also saw the up-lifting,  and inspiring,  “On the Line”, an installation, by one of our own guild members, Francine Ozereko, and her husband Frank Ozereko.  And last but not least, an exhibit about shoes… totally engaging!  I will report on the later two in the next few days.  For now, here are some Warren Mackenzie pots to inspire!



3 thoughts on “Warren Mackenzie Retrospective at the Fuller Craft Musuem

  1. I went to Rochester,MN to see that show in 2008. It’s amazing isn’t it? I was in there for two hours looking at the pots. They didn’t allow photography, glad to see you got to snap a few photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the images! I saw it in Rochester too. Wish it would come back and finish here (my wife Jean was in Mashiko when I saw it.) She introduced me to Warren’s work the summer of 1983. And also to the work of Shoji Hamada, Tatsuzo Shimaoka and Serizawa and Shiko Munakata.

  3. I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and visit with Warren in person at his studio, and I also feel very fortunate and honored to have a number of pieces of his pottery. They are truly clay magically transformed.

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