Shoes at the Fuller

 The last of the three wonderful shows to report on from the Fuller Museum in Brockton, Ma.  is the show about shoes. (Brockton was once the shoe capital of the world! )  “The Perfect Fit- Shoes Tell Stories”  featured every sculptural way of interpreting shoes you can imagine… from hundreds of tiny origami high heels, to bronze baby shoes.  The bronze baby shoes being my favorite.  The piece is called Baby Opera, by Judy Haberl (check out her website).  The piece was so intriguing.  When you come upon the piece you first hear the sound of children’s laughter, and the pitter patter of tiny foot steps.  You see hundreds of bronze baby shoes, some ancient looking, most, more modern.  All the shoe openings faced you at eye level,  like all these tiny mouths, telling you their story.  The sculpture held a special place in my heart because my Dad used to sell bronze baby shoes.  As a child I will always remember the sight when my Dad came home from work, carrying a dozen or so baby shoes from his sales calls, ready to be sent to the factory to be bronzed. 



One thought on “Shoes at the Fuller

  1. I saw this show! I spent hours in that gallery, I was so enthralled. I used to make clay shoes (and purses and steam irons…) so the subject is quite fascinating to me to begin with. I went in to see the Mackenzie exhibit (which was also great) but the shoes really captivated me.

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