Winter Pottery Classes, and Student Pots

The winter session is in full swing.  So I thought I show off some more of my students great work!   The two student potters featured here are a mother and daughter duo who took classes with me from the time Elizabeth was 13 till she was 18.  She just went off to college this past fall.  She and her mom Selena just stopped by for a visit today, and I took some photo’s of their work.  The salad bowls have been a daily mainstay in their kitchen for the past two years.  And the whimsical teapots were made by Elizabeth when she was 16… and yes she is going to college for fine art and environmental studies.

Elizabeth's elephant teapot

Grandma's Tea by Elizabeth

Peapod Trays, by Elizabeth

Salad bowl, by Selena

Selena's Serving Bowl


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