Big Girl Pottery and the Five Handled Mug

Big Girl Pottery class (AKA advanced wheel throwing) learned all about mug handles last night.  Their assignment was to make practice mugs and put a bunch of handles on them until they get it right!  Handles are one of those things that pottery students just don’t want to spend much time on.  They will spend hours and hours perfecting forms on the wheel, but then it comes to making and attaching handles they give it an hour, and say ok what’s next!  

The pics below show the five different types of handles on one mug.  The one or two finger handle, and the three or four finger.  The fatty handle, the skinny, and the dog bone.  Each student checked out the comfort levels of each one.  We all agree it’s a personal thing; it really depends on the size of your hand.  When I first made mugs they were always on the smaller side, with a one or two finger handle, because that’s what I prefer. Customers were always asking for bigger mugs so I started making them, and happy I did.  It opened up a whole new mug form to me, and I began to like four finger mugs!

My cupboard is filled with many mugs from other potters (you can see a Molly Cantor chicken mug, on front table,  and a Lindsay Rodgers mug on the back table).

This one is my favorite, with a fatty handle that I made… it usually holds Earl Grey tea on the mornings I don’t have Chai in a Mark Shapiro four finger mug!



2 thoughts on “Big Girl Pottery and the Five Handled Mug

  1. Hey Lucia,

    How much clay do you use to make the cylinder part of this assignment. I would love to try it. Also, do you have a video showing how to make the types of handles? Thank you.

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