The Quiet of White

The softness, the silence, and the absolute stillness of the new fallen snow. 

What do you feel on one of those quiet nights of freshly fallen snow? 

I feel such absolute peace, and presence to what is surrounding me.  It is a reminder, a gift from the heavens… stopping me in my tracks. 

How could it not influnce my art?

Studio entrance in the quiet snow

The morning after

A view from the studio



5 thoughts on “The Quiet of White

  1. Thanks Colleen. I always wonder if you folks in the warm climates ever miss the snow. Sometimes I wish I were where you are… but I think what I would miss most is the change of seasons.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Lucy. And great attitude! 😉 I also love to look at the snow, but I must admit . . . flowers and bluebirds are sounding real good about now. (Not that I’m hearing any birds yet, mind–but I’m ready!)

    Heading outside to collect some wood. It’s time for a nice crackly fire. 😆

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