Biodegradable Urns at Lucia Pottery

For years I have been wanting to create a pot that does not have to be fired, but can still serve a function and be used…  I guess it’s the environmentalist in me.  Every time I fire that kiln I think about where is the energy coming from.  I ask myself what can I make that is still considered pottery, and leave its mark on someone’s life, but will also leave just a little mark on our resources.

So what would a pot like this entail?  

For the past year I have been working on this idea for an urn made of recycled paper, and recycled clay. I have been making urns for people and their pets for the past five years.  So making a biodegradable urn made so much sense for me.  It does not have to be fired because there is so much paper in it… so think of it as handmade paper with clay to give it form.

Here is a little slide show of the urns.  I took these photos last fall in our back woods near the Green River.

See this and all of my work on my brand new website coming tomorrow at noon!

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12 thoughts on “Biodegradable Urns at Lucia Pottery

  1. The paper in them makes them very strong… strong enough to get knocked around a bit in shipping across the country. I did a very thourough testing of them, plus they have sat on my shelf for a year before I let them out into the world. They hold up very well!

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