Salt Cellar, for the Foodie Contingent

There are a number of items I make as a functional potter aside from the typical mug and bowl.  Among them are butter keepers, egg cups, garlic grate dishes and salt cellars.  I like to call them gifts for the “Foodie Contingent”.

My favorite item which I started making this past January are Salt Cellars.  They are so tiny and elegant.  Here is a photo of them drying on my sun filled work table. (It’s starting to feel like Summer!)  For the finished version check my shop page at



6 thoughts on “Salt Cellar, for the Foodie Contingent

  1. Those little salt cellars are very interesting. Too bad they wouldn’t work here… humidity is too high. I do, however, like the design and the size. Nice shape to them.

  2. I also think they would work fine. If they didn’t a small sachet of dried rice in the bottom would work to keep the moisture down.

    I think they’re very compelling pieces. very attractive! I wanted to reach into the screen to pick one up.

  3. Great salt cellars Lucy. I make those too and living here in the humid South have had no problems. We keep course salt in ours, I don’t know if that makes a difference. I also went over to look at your garlic grating dishes. Very cool!!

  4. Thanks all!
    Cindy, That is so cool you can feel the calmness even in a photo. They really do feel that way. I have a green flow one in my kitchen and just love touching it… and I don’t say that about all my pots!!
    Charles I think they would be too small for the rice idea. I love the way you desccribed wanting to reach into the picture!
    Ron I keep coarse salt in mine too. Did you know there is this whole gourmet salt craze now… there are all sorts of flavored, and smoked salts.

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