Tall Forms

I have been working on some of my tallest forms the past week.  I usually use my stand up potters wheel for all my work, but as I was throwing I was having a difficult time pulling the clay up.  So I tried the same amount of clay (9 lbs)at the sit down wheel and voila… it was so much easier!

These forms are my most detailed urn that I make…there are just so many stages to completion.  Here they are drying, waiting for the next step where I apply the shellac or wax resist for the pattern.  The large forms are 9 lbs and the little cute ones are 3/4 lb.  I will post  more photo’s as they progress.


Looks like they had babies!


2 thoughts on “Tall Forms

  1. Those are so precious! I began gaining interest in pottery after seeing the pieces of Beatrice Wood. I’m moving to Greenfield this summer and can’t wait to take a class with you this fall. Your work is gorgeous!

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