Packing pots for Celadon Gallery Show… and Thinking

In between making my tall urns which take days to finish, I had to take a break to pick out, price, pack, and ship my pots to the Celadon Gallery in NY.  Each time I pack and ship pots for a show I am in awe on how much time it takes me.  I always wonder is it just me or is every potter, or glass blower the same.  I find it stressful.  I say to myself  how do I add in the cost to the gallery the time it is taking me to pack these pots.  Then I think of the gallery, unpacking the pots and setting up, breaking down and sending work back that does not sell.  It is a wonder that  gallery/shops and the artists they represent  can make a living!   

As I pack each highly breakable piece so carefully, my mind drifts to other ceramic artists who do many more gallery shows than myself .  Two of my fellow Massachusetts ceramic artists come to mind… Kristen Kieffer and  Molly Hatch.  They have both been on a whirlwind tour lately.  As I stand there and wrap each piece I just say, I don’t know how they do it.  I think you have to have have this deep driving desire to get yourself out there.  They are definately a couple of  rock stars in the pottery world (I think I’m more of a folk singer).  I just don’t have the stamina to pack for that many shows a year and go all over the country, giving workshops ( I know… I’m giving workshops, but they’re local).  I  am so happy they do what they do… they are contributing so much to our society and the ongoing education of the arts… and we all get to smile when we see their amazing work!

… drifting as I pack, it always helps! 

Well back to my up-coming show… check out the info from Celadon Gallery.





4 thoughts on “Packing pots for Celadon Gallery Show… and Thinking

  1. Thanks for the good words Lucy! I actually think about you often when i am worrying about how to make it with a kid in tow–you have 2 and look at you! I think YOU are a rock star girl!

  2. Ah, but when my kids were as young as your little one all I could do was teach a couple of nights a week. Now that they are older it is a lot easier. It is just a different kind of busy. Like yesterday for instance, I was definitely not done trimming my pots, but had to stop to go watch one of my boys play baseball for three hours of my evening. My other son also had a game at the same time, that I had to miss, because it was his turn the night before! Life is very hectic being a Mom and making a full time living from your art.

    I know I’m going to sound like every mother older than me… but it’s true, they do grow up so fast. So I’m enjoying the baseball, soccer, and basketball games, and getting a little less sleep for these years!

    Thanks Molly for your compliment!

  3. haha you made me laugh when you said you were more like a folk singer :] It is hard not to compare ourselves with all those ceramic rock stars out there showing us their beautiful things, but there’s a peace in realizing what you are happy with, what fits you best. I hate packing and shipping too… haven’t been successful enough yet for it to be a headache so far though!

    And just remember, you bring your lovely art to us on this blog!

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