Foodie Ceramics

So I opened up this etsy shop, FoodieCeramics but can’t seem to find enough time in my day to take all the photo’s and get all the foodie items I want up there!  I love the idea of etsy.  Even though I have a beautiful dynamic, informative and professional looking website, I just had to try out etsy.  It is such a great way to get your new stuff out there to a whole new audience!  I’m beginning to think though… it seems like 1/4 of my work day is spent on the computer.  Well I would much rather do that than pack for shows and traveling!

Here is a new item I put on etsy yesterday.  It’s my new yellow glaze (the old volcanic ash yellow was giving me too much trouble).  I like this new yellow, it is so warm, with a deep buttercup brightness to it… I named it, Sunshine.  The photo is taken with my new Nikon D5000, another thing that has taken up time from being a potter… I feel like now I have to be a semi-pro photographer, (don’t laugh photographers… I know I’m nowhere near it!  I’m more of a student of photography). 


4 thoughts on “Foodie Ceramics

  1. I once calculated the hours I spent taking photos, editing photos, listing pottery, relisted pottery, shipping pottery, keeping up on pottery blog, twitter and facebook. All things to work and promote the Etsy Shop. Then the really scary part was factoring that time into the profit and loss of selling pottery. It was very eye opening.

  2. I just stumbled on your blog and took a look at your etsy store. I like the color palette you have and your salt cellar is inspiring.

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