That Etsy Shop

Ok… so the Open Studio/Holiday Sale is over, and was a great success… now it’s time for that neglected etsy shop.   Time, time, time… just need a lot more of it! 

 There have been some great reads on other potter’s blogs about etsy, namely John Bauman and Ron Philbeck .  I really like the idea of etsy… it is just a new kind of work to me… taking lots of photo’s, being a little bit of a story-teller in describing my pottery, and last but not least,  listing, and re-listing, and re-listing again.  I think it’s just the learning curve.  I will eventually do it with ease. 

Take a look at my foodieceramics etsy shop here!  I’m having a sale… FREE SHIPPING in the U.S!!




2 thoughts on “That Etsy Shop

  1. Hey Lucy, I really like the fact that your shop has that cool name. Most of us make pots to used, for food, the kitchen etc but I like that your shop name has that distinct word, Foodie, in it. It points right to a niche market. Plus the work is unique and totally something a foodie would love. Those garlic graters are fab.

    I was in Sur la Table the other day and it was packed!! People go nuts over food related products.

    I’ve been putting more effort in my shop over the last couple weeks and I’ve seen an increase in traffic and sales. I prob. should have started back in Oct. but now that I’ve gotten into it I hope I can just work it into my regular weekly routine.

    Good luck with things for the rest of the year!!

  2. I’ve checked your shop and noticed more sales… congrats, that’s great.

    I just got done posting more items… woohoo, I’m up to 16 in my shop. I sold four items yesterday, and one from my website today! It is the busy season!

    The name foodieceramics was long thought out. Thanks

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