Sitting by the Woodstove

I’m sitting here drinking a glass of sangria left over from my last class of the Fall semester.  Yes, we drink in my classes… well not really, but  sometimes on a last class someone brings in some wine to share with the food goodies we have at the end of every semester!  Tonight my advanced class (aka Big Girl Pottery Class) finished up their glazing, and ate goodies, mostly of the Italian nature… artisan bread dipped in garlic olive oil (in my garlic grate bowl), marinated artichoke hearts that Dawn brought from Frigo’s Italian Deli in Springfield, and scrumptious olives from Greenfield’s Market.  I made an Italian sausage and bean vegetable soup… and then cookies, and more cookies from the  bakers in class.  And of course Darlene’s very tasty sangria and fruit!

I really appreciate all my students, and I love the cycle of teaching them… and learning from them.  For me, teaching is an integral part of my pottery. 

Feels like the busy season is winding down.  It’s time for learning more about my new camera, and taking some good photo’s of my work!  Here is one from last night… working on getting the white balance just right… almost there… a little more tweaking!





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