Olive Oil Bottle, Tamari Ewer, Soy Bottle, Cruet?

What do you call it?  For years now I go back and forth on these names.  Anyone out there have any ideas?

Here are some new what-cha-ma-call-its drying, and some finished glaze pieces.







9 thoughts on “Olive Oil Bottle, Tamari Ewer, Soy Bottle, Cruet?

  1. I had this debate with a potter friend years ago. (Although we were mostly on the same side…) I tend to call them cruets. Mostly because that’s what my family always called them. We looked up “ewer” and found that it’s the term for a Korean water pitcher. So that helped the term cruet stick for me a little bit better. But I feel like in the clay world they are referred to more often than not as ewers.

  2. I would introduce them as “my beautiful cruets”, the word ewer never comes out of my southern accent quite right!

  3. I’ve been calling them ewers, but like Emily said, realized that the ones I make aren’t really ewers. I like oil pot as one name, and cruet. I also like using mine for liquid dish soap to replace the plastic bottle you normally have around the sink. But I haven’t figured out a nice name for that one, soap dispenser just doesn’t do it for me. Soap pourer maybe.

    Those are beautiful forms Lucy!

  4. Emily, I also grew up using the word cruet, but it was for oil and vinigar at the dinner table. So that’s why I’m having a hard time with using it for a soy bottle.

    Tracy, I’m trying to imagine “ewer” in a southern accent! 🙂 I love the southern accent! I also like the thought of putting beautiful, before the word cruet.

    Thanks Joy!

  5. Hi Lucy! They’re lovely, whatever you call them. I was making oil bottles with purchased cork-dispenser thingies, but I like your clay ones much better! I found that sticking the cork-dispenser thingies on the top of mine really looked awkward. Yours are beautiful. I have cruet envy.

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