Hand Block Prints And Clay

I found this short and beautiful film clip on YouTube recently and thought I’d share it!  It it shows a little bit of India and how wood blocks are made, and used.  It really caught my attention because of the beautiful filming, and the fact that I use these type of blocks in my clay work.

See video here!

I have always liked to use pattern on my pots.  Places I have found pattern have been as far-flung as a lemon zester, to old tap and die tools from a local factory.   A couple of years ago a student of mine gave me some printing blocks from India.  I have used them here and there.  About a year ago I posted some asparagus trays drying, but never posted the finished product.  Here they are again, with the finished product.  I used the blocks for texture on the bottom inside. 


7 thoughts on “Hand Block Prints And Clay

  1. Thanks so much for sharing that film. Wow. Really beautifully shot and just seeing the carving the the printing was amazing.
    The asparagus trays look great. That green glaze really does it for me,picks up the textures. And the split rims. I can’t wait to get some locally grown asparagus!!

  2. Lucy…. We used to live next door to your parents on Summit Lane… was browsing Pinterest and saw your work/site….. what a pleasant memory! I still treasure the cookie jar you made! I’m delighted to see you are still working as a potter!

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