Butter that Sunday Breakfast

How do you like your butter… soft, spreadable, or hard and bunching?  If you are thinking soft, then you would love a butter keeper.

Time to go make the Sunday morning pancakes with soft butter on top!


5 thoughts on “Butter that Sunday Breakfast

  1. Ooh la la! That is one gorgeous piece of pottery!

    I wish I had thought to tell my students about your blog last semester. We were doing covered jars all term, and one of the forms was this “french butter dish”. Or, at least that’s what I’ve heard it called. But one of my students is actually from France, and she made a point of changing the name for us. She joked that calling it “french” was a stigma that the french don’t have things like refrigerators and need butter dishes like this instead. We all joked about it and ended up calling it a “non-french butter dish”.

    I’m going to share your picture with the students, because it is much better than anything I showed them. Thanks for posting it!

  2. Thanks Carter! The butter keeper is one of the hardest lidded forms I make. There are so many measurements to do… what a difficult project for your students!!
    I once had a student from France too… she also set me sraight about butter keepers!

  3. Your butter keeper is beatuiful and I have thoroughly enjoyed the pottery videos you have created for those wanna-be-potters like myself. Thank you! I do have a quick question…how do you fire the lids knowing there is glaze on the top of the lid as well as the inside (rim)?

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