Little Goodies for the Pottery Trail

I was running low on Garlic Grate Bowls, so thought I’d squeeze a few in before the last bisque firing for the Pottery Trail… 46 to be exact.


To purchase Garlic Grates visit my website or Etsy Shop, or just come to the Pottery Trail, April 30th-May 1st!


11 thoughts on “Little Goodies for the Pottery Trail

  1. So funny, I’m a big fan of a good looking foot-ring, and love looking at that picture of them all lined up.

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  3. Hi Joel,
    Thank you for including my blog post! That was a nice post you wrote! Ah, 100 bowls… you must be aching afterwards. I did 75 tiny bowls the other day, then did yoga to re-gain alignment!

  4. Thanks Lucy! Yea I make sure to stretch after a long day of throwing. A half hour of yoga is great, and sometimes I go to the rock wall and really work my forearms. 100 seems to be a good goal for me, for average sized pots- it takes a lot of clay and a fast pace, but any more than than and the pots feel rushed, and I feel like I’m pushing my body too far. Yoga is definitely a good idea.

  5. Joel, I was amazed that you were kicking that wheel and centering at the same time! Oh, to have man muscles! I loved your videos! I made a new video the other day… it should be up in the next couple of days… once my teenage son gets around to editing it!
    Don’t know if it will be as cool as yours!
    Keep up the good work, we need young hip potters keeping the craft alive!
    I’ll put you on my blog roll.

  6. Thanks Lucy! Hump throwing is tons of fun. I just blast the music and get a good sweat going. Good luck with your videos, I hope to shoot again soon. I’m thinking of an intro video with dialogue…here’s a great one by Mark Hewitt:

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