Resting After a Very Busy Pottery Trail

I don’t know about the rest of you potters out there, but after I do a big weekend show it takes me a couple of days to recoup.  That’s one of the many reasons I don’t do craft fairs anymore.   This particular show… the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail is really intense.  Weeks of preparation, throwing, glazing, firing, promoting, then transforming the studio into a showroom.  Then a full non stop weekend of visitors, then transforming the studio back to a studio, and on top of that teaching classes the past two nights… WHEW!  Yet I must say to any potters out there who are thinking of doing a pottery tour, it’s all worth it… DO IT!  You build community with your fellow local potters, and the larger community, and people really love to come and see your studio, drive the country roads, and eat at local eateries.  It’s also great for the local economy! 

The Grandaddy of pottery tours is this weekend…   My friend Mary Barringer just finished our tour this past weekend, and she’s off to be a guest potter in the 19th annual Minnesota Tour this coming weekend… talk about tired!  She goes every year.  I always hear when she comes back, that people in Minnesota really get pottery!

After a couple of days of getting the studio back, and packing pots (for shops who placed orders way before the tour), I decided today was a complete DO NOT STEP FOOT IN THE STUDIO DAY!  I instead I planted lettuce, weeded spinach, and sat on the back porch drinking Mikes Hard Lemonade from one of my new cups!


3 thoughts on “Resting After a Very Busy Pottery Trail

  1. Love the new cups! I did a craft fair type of show once and hauling everything back and forth cured me of that real quick! You deserve a few days of rest and relaxation, no that you ever completely relax!

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