Carving Pots

When I make my urns I tend to do a lot of carving into them, it may be as simple as carved leaves or as complex as a four-footed form.

I have been very busy the past couple of months just trying to keep up with the many orders for urns.  Every now and then I’ll get a commission for a personalized urn.   Here are a couple of photos of a footed urn being carved for a dog name Winslow, and a carved leaf urn for cat named Ruphus!


9 thoughts on “Carving Pots

  1. Several years ago, I mentioned the idea of making urns to a friend, who told me I was morbid. I let her discourage me and wish I hadn’t. I will do better in the future about following my heart from now on. Love your work and your sensibility.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I don’t think there is anything morbid about it. I wonder if your friend ever had anyone really close to her die. When we lose a loved one, anything that can bring peace to you during the difficult time is a good thing, even an urn… a beautiful piece of pottery. I know for me, a helpful person, a hand to hold, a star filled night, beautiful music or art… all of that made my burden a little easier.
    You should read some of the emails I get from customers about how happy they were upon seeing the urn. I am helping them in some way. So if you ever think about making urns again… do it! It will be your small, significant contribution to a grieving person.
    Best to you! Lucy

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