Natures Perfection

We had some terrible flooding here in Western Massachusetts from Hurricane Irene (see earlier blog post for photo’s).  My backyard is the Green River, a place I walk nearly every day.  It has changed so much since the storm… some places hardly recognizable.  Once the river went down enough and places were not so muddy that I could actually walk and not sink, I discovered some amazing beauty. There is an area were the earth is caked with clay and silt… large cracks nearly a foot deep everywhere the clay is drying.  I came upon this one area where the leaves remained on top of the clay as the area around the leaves settled down with more rain a week later.  I don’t know if the photo’s can capture the perfection of this magnificence of nature.



7 thoughts on “Natures Perfection

  1. Amazing, isn’t it, how Nature can turn total destruction into beauty (and vice versa) with just the flick of her wrist? Glad you’ve made it through okay.

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