My New Biodegradable Clay Urns

This past summer was a very productive summer for me, designing new biodegradable urns.  I started making biodegradable urns two summers ago using recycled paper, re-claimed clay and wild flowers, (see website).  Although I liked the urns the timing wasn’t working so well, because the flowers that worked well were only available for short periods of time.  This really limited the time of the year I could make these urns.  I knew within the first year as they began to sell, that I had to make these differently. 

My first love before pottery was printmaking, especially mono-printing.  This past winter I took a workshop with Catherine White, she had us create mono prints and collage on paper.  My love of mono-printing was revived!  Two of my potter friends Mary Barringer, and Tiff Hilton, who also took the workshop decided we would meet at my studio monthly to continue the painting, and collage work.  From there, I began to incorporate these mono-printed papers into my urns!

 I have been busy taking photos, re-vamping my biodegradable urn page of my website, and setting up a new etsy shop,  (both not quite ready yet, but very soon!)  Here is a little preview of a few urns, from the Blue Series!  More to come soon!




6 thoughts on “My New Biodegradable Clay Urns

  1. Cool idea about biodegradable, but I don’t think folks should be encouraged to place an urn in a body of water to degrade. Silt (clay particles), oxides and paper are potentially harmful to water quality and habitat for creatures living in the water.

  2. Just lovely….

    Linda is right and she has put you a nice disclaimer here on this page. I did volunteer work for Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River and have learned LOTS about what is doing major damage to our river. During the housing boom the silt was a HUGE problem, now it seems it is pharmaceuticals of all types that the water treatment plants can’t get out of the processed water.

    The urns are a wonderful idea. I love them!

  3. Thank you Linda and Susie for your comments and concerns.
    I consider myself an active and concerned enviromentalist, that’s why I make these urns.
    Just a few things to think about…
    There is a law that states that ashes of someone’s remains when put in a body of water, can only be placed in the ocean, one mile out to sea.
    The amout of clay in these urns is anywhere from 1/4lb to a 1lb. One person swimming a day at the beach is going to kick up more silt than that.
    As for the oxides, I only use soy based ink and recycled paper. This paper has alreadly been washed of its dioxin, (that wastewater most likely goes into our rivers!)
    When I think about as potter what we throw into the atmosphere through our kiln firings I cringe. WE use electricity, or gas, or wood, What does it take to bring these fuels to us and what do we put out into the air as a result? But we all still do it… either oblivious to the ramifications or justifying it in some way.
    Making these urns is my response to a couple of things. These are not fired… that helps. The current funeral industry is extremely polluting. Green Burial is growing ever so slightly, this is my contribution to greener burials.

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