“The Bakers Oven” and my Pottery Shards

I had quite the surprise today at Cider Days where I was selling my new apple bakers and other “foodie” ceramics.  I was taking a break and walked over to the food vendors, and a friend said to me, “did you see your pottery over there at the wood fired pizza oven?”  I looked expecting to see pottery, instead I saw my pottery shards built into the oven!  All I could say was, “wow!” 

Earlier this year I wanted to get rid of a bunch of my bad pots that I had smashed for the shard pile.  I boxed them up in small boxes and put them up for free on Craig’s List.  (I had five calls the first day.)  I gave the boxes to three different people.  Well, one of those people was one of the owner’s of  “The Bakers Oven”, a mobile Wood Fired Pizza & Catering company of Colrain, MA.  Co-owner, Daniel built this whole thing himself.  I think he would make a good kiln builder!

What a cool concept… a mobile wood fired pizza oven!  So if you’re local, and you want to have them cater an event for you, here is the contact info. thebakersoven1@gmail.com


5 thoughts on ““The Bakers Oven” and my Pottery Shards

  1. You mention “the shard pile”, I was wondering how you use your broken pots – though now I’ve seen this I want to make a pizza oven.

    I’ve loads of chunky bisque pieces that need getting rid of and a few bits of glazed ware too. Any ideas for re-use?

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