Attaching Handles to Teapots

Last week I posted my baby teapots (two pounds).  This week I made momma teapots (four pounds).  Some people only want two cups, some need to have four to five cups.  I just like making teapots… doesn’t matter what size!  Actually the only issue I have is with the larger ones… pulling the handle off the pot… it gets rather tiring after you’ve done a few of them.


2 thoughts on “Attaching Handles to Teapots

  1. just love to read your blog postings. You are incrediable, don’t know how you do it all–the blog, the pottery, the teaching etc etc…….where/how do you find the time? do you ever sleep??

  2. … you forgot about the two teenage boys also!
    No really I don’t know how I do it sometimes too. I do love pottery though, and if I don’t do it as much as I do I can’t sleep. The need to be creative is much stronger than anything else. I also need to make a living, and doing that as an artist/craftsperson requires a lot of hours. It also takes a little diversity in how you go about making enough money to survive.
    Thanks for the boost!

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