Etsy Listing

Every few months I set my mind to taking photos and getting more work into my etsy shops… yes there are two shops now.  The first shop, FoodieCeramics opened in the fall of 2010, and the more recent shop, LuciaUrns opened a few months ago in January 2012.  In terms of representing all of my work, the luciaurns shop is not quite there yet.  I have the biodegradable urns listed, but need to get more photos up of the classic urns.  The foodieceramics shop is starting to pick up, I try to re-list at least one item a day so my work stays somewhat visible in the search engines.  I really think I should be listing  five times a day though if I really want to sell well on etsy!  I am always so busy with all the other aspects of my pottery business that I never seem to have enough time.

The other day I took photos for three hours, here is a little slideshow of what you may be finding in my shop soon.


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5 thoughts on “Etsy Listing

  1. It is really hard to get everything done. Your photos are beautiful and I love this blog. I always enjoy your posts. I too, have a blog and an Etsy site and I wish I had someone to just do that. It is very time consuming.

  2. You do indeed have great photos. I have a little home made photo booth thing I use, but it is nowhere near as good as the pictures of your pots in a well lit, “natural” setting. I am still working on getting that to work for my stuff.

    I really need to get more stuff posted on my etsy site, but like you I have been consumed with other pottery duties. Regarding the re-listing of items already on your site; I have always been foolishly reluctant to do it. I never really liked the idea of paying an additional $0.20 so the item will be closer to the top of the page for 30 minutes or whatever. Silly, I know. $0.20 is the least I will ever have to pay to keep my work in front of people, and it would be a quick way to keep up (sort of) with the etsy site when I don’t have time to photograph and post new items.

  3. Thanks Susie and Rob, The photography was a long process to learn over the years, but something I am so happy I learned.
    The .20 is worth it, even if you do it every other day… people will at least scroll down 10-15 pages and still might find you! It’s better than a website in terms of many people seeing it.

  4. I love the photos Lucy and of course the pots are wonderful as always. Popped over to your shop and Favorited a few items too. It looks great. Good luck w sales. I’ve noticed things picking up for as I get more items in the shop and renew often. Cheers!

  5. Hey Ron, thanks! And thanks for the favorites!
    I noticed how many sales you have gotten since you wrote about it last fall(?) on your blog. It really is a matter of re-posting often (and of course having good pots and photos). The cost adds up with the transaction fee, but it is still worth it. It gets your stuff out to such a broad audience, without doing craft shows.

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