Damaged Packaging, UNdamaged Pottery

Quoted from a customer of mine last week! 

“The urns came today and my heart sunk when I saw the box.  Thank god you can wrap.  The box was so smashed and ripped I thought for sure the urns were broken. They are great. Thank you.  I took pictures of the box just in case you want to see it.  There was a “sorry the package was damaged” sticker on the box. Thanks again!”

Did I want to see it… of course I did!!  Can’t wait to show my buddies down at the post office.  They often tease me when I walk in… “Hey Lucy throw it to me”… very funny guys!!  I have nothing against the USPS, I think they are the best of the bunch.  These things just happen sometimes. 

I’m just glad I put so much effort into my packing!


12 thoughts on “Damaged Packaging, UNdamaged Pottery

  1. Good grief. Everytime I think I have the packing and mailing of pottery down, I see something like this and realize I have to be even MORE careful. Glad you are so thurough and all arrived safely!!

  2. I work for USPS and that is totally not right! How I’d love to know how they managed to bang up your box so badly. Because I DO work for USPS, I pack my pottery extra carefully, too. Had one customer tell me she could have dropped her package off the top of the Empire State Building and the piece inside would have been unbroken. Thought maybe I was going overboard, but now I see I wasn’t!

  3. I would like to see a picture of how you package the pottery on the inside. Do you bubble wrap with double boxes? I am just curious. Thanks for this post!

  4. Connie, No I don’t double box it. Pillow packs of air go in the bottom and top of box. I bubble wrap the pot or pots, then nestle it into crumpled newsprint weight paper. I make sure there is no movement in the box before I tape the box, I make sure every seam is taped over.

  5. So interesting, you work for the postal service! I’m going to share my blog post with the guys at the post office this week and see what they say.
    When I first started making biodegradable urns I had to make sure they were strong enough to be shipped. I have actually thrown my packed biodegradable urn from my porch down to the cement about ten times! No breakage… I knew then the formula was right and I could ship the urns!

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