Plate Setters

I recently had a question from potter Joel Cherrico asking me about the plate setters I use for dinnerware sets, (that I don’t actually like to make… sorry folks they are just too time consuming).

I think I got these setters from my favorite ceramic supplier, Sheffield Pottery.  The plates are currently used daily in our kitchen.

Dinner Plates on Setters_lucy fagellaPlate setters

For more on dinnerware sets see a post I wrote a couple of years ago on what a potter makes per hour.  I gauged it on a dinnerware set.  


6 thoughts on “Plate Setters

  1. Hi Lucy, love you stuff 🙂 you are amazing! I went it Sheffield and could not find these plate setters, now that I see them I really want them, if you could help I really appreciate it ❤ Thank you in advance 😀

  2. Hey Lucy thanks for the shout out! These are really unique plate setters…I’m going to keep looking for some like this for the future, but mainly for use in a wood kiln…might have to try and make my own or get used to staking lip to lip. Also, do you ever electric fire at cone 10? Would you recommend doing this regularly (once a month or more?) or would it be a huge amount of wear and tear on the kiln?

  3. Hi Lucy,
    I have some similar triangular plate setters and find it interesting that I use them upside down form how you use them. I Have been using them in my gas kiln at cone 9 for years and occasionally in the wood kiln.

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