Daisy loves Lucy

 I grew up in Long Island, N.Y. in an Italian family, where Sundays were filled with church, visits from cousins bearing Italian pastries, and an afternoon dinner of pasta. Our dinner table was large, accommodating six children, Nana, parents, and whoever else was visiting. I distinctly remember, the large floral platter of anti-pasta, and the large pink glazed pasta bowl being passed from one family member to the next… my little hands, accepting that bowl with delight. It was here that the seeds of pottery as a celebration of family and food took hold in my consciousness.

I never remember a time that I didn’t draw, sculpt, or build sand castles with the sand from nearby Jones Beach. By the age of nine I mastered the art of toothpick sculptures and knew then and there that being an artist would be my life work.

My skills of drawing and sculpture were refined as a young adult when I attended Alfred University College of Art and Design, earning a BFA in Ceramic Art, with a minor in Art Education, 1985.

After graduation I became a full time potter, selling my work at local gallery shops and craft fairs. Also at that time I began teaching at a local art and craft center. Liking teaching a great deal I decided to teach art full time at the High School level.

In 1993 I moved to Western Massachusetts. The beauty of the natural surroundings and the many artists throughout this region drew me to the area.  It’s a cultural place with lots of artists, musicians, writers and universities… and did I mention lots of potters!  I like making my pots here and enjoy teaching pottery here… two things I have been doing for the past twenty or so years.

Lucy making a large urn.

17 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Lovely work, Lucy! I searched Funeria and came up with your blog so perhaps you work with Maureen as well, or have been in one of her shows? Anyway, nice variety of urns and vessels!

  2. You are welcome! It actually wasn’t my idea, a film company who liked my work asked me to do it. It’s been more than I expected, I have gotten quite a few students from it!

  3. Hafa Adai from Guam!
    I am a ceramics student from Southern High School. For cermamics class we have to do a research paper on a potter. I choose you! 🙂 Is it okay if i asked you a few questions?
    Please reply ASAP!
    Hilari Panaguiton

    My paper is due Oct. 5th.

  4. Hi Lucy,
    I got a wheel for Christmas and attended Berea College in KY 30 years ago where I was in the ceramic apprentice program for 2 years. I thought I would look for a potter to bounce ideas, probably more questions than anything, off of. Amazingly, I was able to throw a pot, several actually, yesterday, no problem. So I am looking at all the “stuff” that I have acquired over the years and now trying to organize it for my new hobby. You have really beautiful urns and I hope to develop a style of my own. I am subscribing to your blog and look forward to seeing more of your work.

    Susie Wilburn

  5. should tell more about yourself such as hobbies or more about your work such as ideas or oppinions on them. I am doing a research prodject in school about you but can not find alot of information so for the future you could tell a little more about your art and projects???

  6. I saw a mention that you had broken a rib at some undisclosed time in the past. I am a week into broken ribs and am trying to figure out how soon I can expect to get back to work. I searched your sites and that was a wonderful diversion!!!!! but found no mention . . . would you be so kind as to give me some info on how long it took you to be able to wedge or throw or ……??
    Thanks, Pam

  7. Pam,
    So sorry to just get back to you, I was away on vacation.
    Hope you are feeling better…it can be very painful.
    It took me at least six weeks before I could throw again. After about two weeks I was able to glaze some pots with pain!
    Best to you!

  8. WOW, your a beautiful person, and an Amazing Teacher!! Looks like you just keep on Going!!! Your Pottery is Perfect, and looks like you have really come into your own!! Isn’t it just strange how a persons soul can come thru their hands, into form??? I trust all is well, Basil

  9. Yes I do, please contact me through my website lucyfagella.com. This is my old blog. My website has a current blog and list of classes. I live about two hours from Newton. Prices vary on time. Thanks!

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