The Pottery Trail is this Weekend

All the throwing, all the glazing, all the achy body parts that go with it. It’s such a build up to this event, our 11th annual Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail… and it’s all worth it!

Each year more and more people go on the Trail, taking the time to visit each of the nine studios, the host potters and their guest potters.  Experience all the goodies we have in store. It’s not only about buying great pots, it’s also a celebration of food, friendships, music, and demonstrations! So if you haven’t been on this great tour through the beautiful valley of Western Massachusetts, now is your time! Check out our website here, and please don’t forget to support our sponsors for great food, and a place to stay!

Here is what is in store at my studio this time around!

Berry BowlsCreamy White Salt CellarAmber and Blue Bowlsfor the trailDSC_0013 - Version 2salt and asparagus lucyfagellaPlatter Lucy FagellaGalaxy Urns Lucy FagellaCheese Dish Lucy Fagella 2Two Cups Lucy FagellaAmber Salt CellarsAmber Pitcher

Urns Honoring a Loved One

Today there was a really nice article in our local paper about the ceramic urns I make.

Cremation urns have been part of my pottery business for ten years now. The article tells about why I chose to do this as a potter.

See it here at, The Greenfield Recorder.

White Petal Urn

Making Asparagus Trays

I call these Asparagus trays, but the reality is that they can be used for anything from fresh cut bread to clementines.

I thought it would be nice to share some photos of how I make these oval, long handled trays!

Freshly made.

Freshly made.


Block Printing Tool from India

Block Printing Tool from India

Circles becoming Ovals

Thrown bottomless, then made into oval.

Cut Bottoms to Fit the Oval

Joining the top to the bottom.


Asparagus Trays Drying

With handles, drying on worktable




The Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail

So exciting it’s our 11th Year!  A tour of 9 potters at their studios, each having at least one guest potter! If you haven’t made this tour yet, now is the time.  It is going to be a good one!  Make reservations to stay at one of our sponsor B&Bs, and enjoy some great local food.

Take a look at our brochure and see for yourself!



See our website here.

Getting Pots Made for the Pottery Trail

The Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail is coming up in six short weeks!  Our date this year is April 25th-26th.  In between getting pots made for that, I am spending time getting all of my information and photos to my web designer for my new website!  Hopefully it will be all up and running before the Trail.  My current website was made in 2010, even though it’s nice, it is antiquated.  It’s time for me to have a responsive website since a good percentage people use mobile devices to search sites.  Maybe I will share some sneak peeks of the website soon, but for now I will give you a peek of the mugs that will be ready for the Pottery Trail.

Last week I was working on mugs and cups, I was getting tired of trimming the same old foot. I was also dreaming of warm weather and flowers… zinnias to be exact, in the studio garden to be more exact.  So before I knew it these happy feet started to appear!  I always like to have texture on the bottom of my mugs (usually made with a wiggle type wire).  I think it’s fun to hold a mug and have something different to feel on different parts of the piece, and you can’t leave out the bottom!  We will see if this foot design becomes part of my repertoire or if it’s just something to get me through till the zinnia’s are in bloom.

Mugs DryingDetail of flower footHappy Feet

Patterns and Optical Illusions

Patterns, just love what they can do.  Repetition, movement, optical illusions.

I have been making these little treasure boxes with different patterns and glazes… here are some of the blue ones.  I have included the images of the process… how I draw the pattern using a square grid, then apply wax resist to the pattern.  I love the way they look glazed but not fired.  But what I really want you to look at is the optical illusion that occurs on the finished blue piece.  Do you see a leaf/petal or a diamond shape?  I see one first, then the other after awhile.

These will be available soon on my new updated website, and in my etsy shops… I need to have a long photo session, and get all the new stuff up!

DSC_0008 DSC_0015 DSC_0022

Ceramic Spoons

I started making my first ceramic spoons a little over a year ago.  I wanted to make a spoon to go with my sugar jar, but really had no clue as to how I would make one that didn’t look like a ceramic soup ladle that potters made in the 1970’s for their soup tureens.  I started playing around with some hand built spoons, but they were very primitive looking… like a  third grader made them.  My intention was to make the spoon and the sugar jar a full composition, a flow of two separate pieces coming together as a unit.  I felt that for this result to happen the spoons needed to be thrown on the potters wheel.  So I took to the internet and searched handmade ceramic spoons. There weren’t many out there that had the feel I wanted except for one potter, Chandra DeBuse.  I looked at her spoons and thought, they are so playful and full of life!  They have a fullness to them, and they don’t look primitive.  They looked sturdy, unlike many of the spoons I was seeing, which felt like they would break with the slightest little mishap. Chandra’s spoons were getting very close to what I had in mind, but did not look like they were thrown on the wheel.  So I logged these images of her spoons in my little noggin, and continued to keep searching for others.  I then found Lorna Meaden’s spoons, which are very nice.  They are full looking, like Chandra’s, and very sturdy, and functional looking, and parts of them looked like they were thrown on the wheel.  I had what I needed to move on.  I thank Chandra and Lorna for their inspiration. Now it was time to set out making some spoons on the potters wheel!  Spoons that expressed who I am as a potter.  It took me a little time to make them look right, and feel right, and function well, but like all things learned in pottery… patience is the key to success. Here are the latest batch of spoons from the most recent kiln firing, and a photo of the sugar jar and spoon which can be found on my etsy FoodieCeramics shop. Spoons Lucy FagellaLucy Fagella Sugar Jar and spoon