Addendum to Cash Blue

There have been a few interesting comments about my last post on blue pottery… a fun conversation going on.  Today  my potter friend Angela Fina sent this to me:

A few years ago THE NEW YORKER had a long article by two investigators who went all over the world to very different cultures to test color preference.  Everywhere in the world blue was the favorite color by a wide margin.  In areas of desert it was even more so.  Blue signifies water which signifies life…. it seems to be innate.  Painters have the same problem of people wanting some blue in paintings.  I long ago gave up my personal resistance to blue pots….. I have seven blue glazes!

The Table is Set at PINCH

24 Valley Potters,  a long dining table, locally grown food, a great little gallery on Arts Night Out, in Northampton Ma…  what more can you ask for!   Pinch this Friday night from 6-9 pm,  “Asparagus Valley Potter’s Set the Table.”  In conjunction with Museums10 

My busy fall schedule begins… check my website homepage for all the upcoming events.

Shoes at the Fuller

 The last of the three wonderful shows to report on from the Fuller Museum in Brockton, Ma.  is the show about shoes. (Brockton was once the shoe capital of the world! )  “The Perfect Fit- Shoes Tell Stories”  featured every sculptural way of interpreting shoes you can imagine… from hundreds of tiny origami high heels, to bronze baby shoes.  The bronze baby shoes being my favorite.  The piece is called Baby Opera, by Judy Haberl (check out her website).  The piece was so intriguing.  When you come upon the piece you first hear the sound of children’s laughter, and the pitter patter of tiny foot steps.  You see hundreds of bronze baby shoes, some ancient looking, most, more modern.  All the shoe openings faced you at eye level,  like all these tiny mouths, telling you their story.  The sculpture held a special place in my heart because my Dad used to sell bronze baby shoes.  As a child I will always remember the sight when my Dad came home from work, carrying a dozen or so baby shoes from his sales calls, ready to be sent to the factory to be bronzed. 


Two Firings to Go

Well only one element wire burnt out last week…. it is inevitable before every big show!! 

In the morning I will glaze lots of salt and pepper shakers… my first time making these, the test ones last week came out great!  I’ll also be glazing lots of vases and berry bowls for the upcoming flower and berry season!

Sorry no fresh, local, dripping, wet berries… only apples around these parts back in November when I took this photo!

berry-bowls and apples1