Good Morning Sunshine

After a whole lot of rain here in the Northeast, the last week of heat has been welcome. 

Went out to the garden this morning and picked a handful of raspberries… just enough to fill my little mini hanging berry bowl!  I then sat at the back porch table to enjoy them with my morning tea and toast.

I love these little basket like bowls.  I”ve made this with the intention of it hanging on a hook near the sink for easy access.


mini hanging berry bow1 mini hanging berry bowl

Berry Baskets and Berry Bowls

The Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail is two weeks away!  One of the items (a customer favorite) that I have been making are berry bowls and baskets.  Here are some drying on my work table, and a couple of finished ones. 

Berry Season is almost upon us!

Berry baskets and plates dryingdetail handle drying


two split rim berry bowls

Berry Baskets

I took some photos today of my newer berry bowls.  I was getting bored with the bowl part of it… needed to have a little more fun, so now they are berry baskets.

Here are some variations of photos from natural light with props to a grey/black background.  My new props are old finds from our barn.  Kinda going with the industrial/antique look, or cottage/chic… or as I like to call it, (when my feminine pots are juxtaposed with the old finds), industrial/fem.

This photo below is so different from the natural light and props… still nice, not as warm… but feels quiet and calming to me.

Photographing Pottery

I’m finally having some fun photographing my pottery! 

It’s a little over two years that I have been taking my own photo’s, and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it.

Here are three views of berry bowls.

Utilitarian Pottery for Spring

Spring is just around the corner!  So that means the berries are coming soon.  In preparation for my next big sale, the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail on April 24 & 25  I’m making Berry Bowls.  Here are some drying along with their matching under plates.

Two Firings to Go

Well only one element wire burnt out last week…. it is inevitable before every big show!! 

In the morning I will glaze lots of salt and pepper shakers… my first time making these, the test ones last week came out great!  I’ll also be glazing lots of vases and berry bowls for the upcoming flower and berry season!

Sorry no fresh, local, dripping, wet berries… only apples around these parts back in November when I took this photo!

berry-bowls and apples1