Getting Pots Made for the Pottery Trail

The Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail is coming up in six short weeks!  Our date this year is April 25th-26th.  In between getting pots made for that, I am spending time getting all of my information and photos to my web designer for my new website!  Hopefully it will be all up and running before the Trail.  My current website was made in 2010, even though it’s nice, it is antiquated.  It’s time for me to have a responsive website since a good percentage people use mobile devices to search sites.  Maybe I will share some sneak peeks of the website soon, but for now I will give you a peek of the mugs that will be ready for the Pottery Trail.

Last week I was working on mugs and cups, I was getting tired of trimming the same old foot. I was also dreaming of warm weather and flowers… zinnias to be exact, in the studio garden to be more exact.  So before I knew it these happy feet started to appear!  I always like to have texture on the bottom of my mugs (usually made with a wiggle type wire).  I think it’s fun to hold a mug and have something different to feel on different parts of the piece, and you can’t leave out the bottom!  We will see if this foot design becomes part of my repertoire or if it’s just something to get me through till the zinnia’s are in bloom.

Mugs DryingDetail of flower footHappy Feet

Ode to a Cup

I sent a mug out to a customer last week, this is what I received in return… I absolutely love it!

A Cup

So here we are, this first morning.
Waiting in the sunrise.
The hearth is warm and the dogs dream by the fire.
There is a silent solitude, intimate, complete.
I do not possess you.
Rather I am graced with a glimpse
of the creative passion that crafted you.
Your size, your shape, the colors of your adornment,
the way you feel when I hold you, the way I feel.
This is perfection.
Thank you for being here with me.

Lucy, Thanks for the opportunity to experience your creative side.

Best Regards,
In case I haven’t been clear, THIS CUP IS GREAT!

Mugs and the Seconds Sale

Fresh mugs out of the kiln! 

Seems like people always come to the Seconds Sale looking for mugs.  I try to fit in few firings before the Annual Pottery Seconds Sale… it’s not that I am making seconds, but the more firings, the more seconds!   Goody for those of you who live local… a couple of these mugs will be there!  Sale starts tonight at 6:00!

Shrinking Mugs

What will those drying mugs become?  When a potter makes a pot we have to account for shrinkage… just think of buying a pair of  jeans… you try them on at the store, and after one washing they’re tight on you.  Well, when I’m making any pot, especially a mug, I have to think about the way it fits after it goes through the firing – yes, I did say fit.  Your favorite jeans are for the most part all about comfort, well that favorite mug you reach for more than any other, has a lot to do with comfort – the way it fits in your hand.  So if I am aiming to make a handle that fits four fingers, I have to make it a bit larger than my four fingers fit into. 

Below is a photo of mugs drying and a finished one.  You can see the drying mugs are quite a bit larger. 


Some Goodies for My Holiday Sale

This weekend is my Open Studio/Holiday Sale… actually fellow Greenfield potter, and friend, Tiffany Hilton and I decided to have our sales the same weekend…   We figured why not advertise together, put our mailing lists together for the post card, and call it a tour.  So I sent in some information to the local paper and called it, ” A Tour of  Two Potters”  ( kinda catchy, huh) well the paper obviously liked it,  and wrote a nice blurb using that as the title, with a subtitle, “Two excellent Greenfield potters” – along with a photo of my teapots in process!  Oh and speaking of blurbs… the December issue of Ceramics Monthly gave the, “Homegrown for the Table” show at Pinch in Northampton a little write-up, with a photo of my work!

 Here is a taste of what you will see at my studio this weekend!

Artisan Gallery Cup Show 2010

Well it was the fourth annual cup invitational at the Artisan Gallery… and another really nice one.  Here are some pics from my brand new iPhone!

My cups are the upper left… wish I could remember who is right next to mine.  Aysha Peltz are on the bottom, left to mine, and Molly Hatch are bottom right.

Chuck Stern, gallery owner to the right. and Molly Hatch with her baby perched high on Oliver’s shoulder’s.

I’ve been wanting to buy a Becca Van Fleet mug for a while now… got a good one at the show!  Here it is this morning with my tea!

Becoming a Teapot

You really do have to put your heart and soul into the making of a teapot.  It is only when you become a student of pottery that you understand all the time, effort, experience, artistry, and love of clay that it takes to make a teapot.

This past week in the studio was teapot making time!  Here is a little slide show to give you an idea about teapot parts.  The last photo includes a finished mug along side a teapot drying, showing what glaze the teapot will have.

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