The 32nd Annual Pottery Seconds Sale

I can’t believe it’s already March and once again it’s time for the best bargain basement pottery seconds sale in New England!  Be there if you’re in the neighborhood!  Many fine potters, glassblowers and others!
32nd Annual Pottery & More Seconds Sale March 4 & 5
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Artspace’s 32nd Annual Pottery and More Seconds Sale will be held at Greenfield High School on Friday, March 4 from 6 to 9 p.m. and Saturday, March 5 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thirty-six artisans will be selling their wares that include handmade pottery, glass, jewelry, wood and prints.  This sale is sponsored by Artspace Community Arts Center in Greenfield and benefits art and music programs for children and adults, gallery exhibits and Artspace’s Strings for Kids program in the Greenfield Public Schools. At 1:45 on Saturday, there will be a drawing for door prizes.  At 1:30 p.m. there will be a brief string demonstration by students in the Strings for Kids program.

Admission to the sale is free and there is plenty of free parking.


Doing what you can do, while injured

It’s that bittersweet end of summer in New England.  The nights are getting cooler, the kids begin school tomorrow, and my fall pottery classes begin next week.  I am trying to get back into full work mode after vacation at the beach last week.  I’m having a hard time of it though, since I had a little mishap at the beach while playing football with my two teenage sons.  Seems the younger of the two,  Andrew, doesn’t know his own strength… quite innocently he rammed into my chest… the result for me is one cracked rib.   My lesson… never play football with teenage boys.

So I’m letting this week go, with hopes that I will be able to throw pots next week… little pots.  This week I’m slowly finishing my bats for the studio.  All the new ones were made before vacation, with repairs to the old ones.  These past two days I set them all out in the yard for polyurethane.   I am so happy I accomplished something that really needed to get done.  I’m hoping tomorrow to be able to start photographing new work for Etsy…  another not so physical task that desperately needs to be done!

Making and Marketing… Etsy to Urns

So my etsy shop is open, with just eight things so far, hopefully more to come this week.  I’m overwhelmed.  You start one new thing and your focus goes totally there…  everything else drops off.  It happened when I started blogging, then facebook, now etsy.  Etsy is a good thing, but takes so much time to photograph everything well, and to network well.  And it’s only going to be a good thing if you do all these things well.  I’m finding it to be like all other marketing… it all takes time… time that I never seem to have enough of!

On top of trying to get the etsy shop started last week, the making of pottery couldn’t stop.  I shipped out four cremation urns in two days, that rarely happens, and it made me realize how low my stock of urns is.  So I made quite a few urns last week, some are quite large… it is physically very tiring.  Then there is the whole emotional aspect of making urns, I will have another whole post on that soon.

Pictures of Pitcher Making

The last pots I made before the renovations were pitchers.  I feel like there are hardly any pics of pottery lately on my blog so here goes. 

making a spoutwaiting for handlesPullpulled handleattaching the handlefinishing touches

I always made beaked spouted pitchers, just in the past year I began making pulled spouts. Customers seem to like them, and I’m enjoying making them!

The Sheffield Guys, the L&L Kiln, and my Subaru

I broke down finally and bought a new kiln.  My L&L Kiln has been amazing for the past ten years, but repairs these past few months were happening all to often for someone who fires a kiln once or twice a week.  So I called Sheffield Pottery and bought a brand spanking new L&L (never thought I would see the day that I would buy a computer kiln. I’ll talk more about that in a later post!)

So I live two hours from Sheffield, and figured I’d save money on shipping and just pick it up in my Subaru.  Well when I pulled up to the warehouse the guys just looked at me… like your clueless lady, you are not getting that crate in there.  Then the words came out of their mouths, “that’s not fitting in there”  I said, “well can’ t we unpack it?” “Sure”, they said.  They were up for the challenge.  The man who helped me (Bob) was so wonderful,  he showed me how to take the computer panel apart, and how to put the wiring back in place for when I got home.  It was a great lesson for me… now when the first element burns out I will not be intimidated by a computerized kiln!  

We were able to fit the kiln body in one section with the lid, bottom and computer panel towards the front. 

When I got home my son Luke took photos of the unloading and setting up.  Thanks to Gayle, Terri, and Luke for  your help!


  L&L Kiln in my SubaruNow will it fit through the front doorLooks like we have to take it in by sectionsGoing through the morning glory arborSetting it upOh so shiny