Tiny Lidded Pots… Keepsakes

Have you ever tried making really tiny lidded pots?  It ain’t easy.  I remember when I was in high school, seeing a Ceramics Monthly magazine with an article about a woman who made teeny, tiny little pots for doll houses.  I couldn’t believe anyone could work that small, I still can’t.  The images of those pots just stick in my mind.  Well these pots of mine are not that small, but are tiny… approximately 2.5″. 

You would think, the smaller the pot, the easier it would be to make, and it should probably be very inexpensive.  I have been making these tiny keepsakes the past few months and have realized the effort and loss factor in trimming a pot and lid that is less than a 1/4 lb is very time-consuming! 

These little cuties are named Petite Keepsakes and are listed on my urns page of my website.  (I hope to get these new photos on the website soon).   These are made with the intention of  holding a precious memory, like a piece of jewelry, a poem, a love note, or storing a tiny bit of ashes from a loved one who has passed on.


Making Urns

It is now March and I have been meaning to write this post since January.  

January and February is my time to play catch up making urns.  This year was no different,  except much busier than other years.  This is my 5th year in the cremation urn business.  Making urns is very meaningful for me… I am making something for a very difficult time in a person’s life.  Sometimes it is hard, I listen over the phone, or though emails, while a person is grieving,  or put a hand on a shoulder when someone comes to the studio.  Most times I’m sending out an urn through the internet, without knowing who the urn is for.  So often I get an email after the urn was received…  people are so grateful for a handmade object, something of beauty.  When my parents died 12 years ago, it was all the kind gestures of others that helped get me through.  It was also the beauty of nature, or art, that took me away, and soothed my soul.  It was at that time I first thought about making urns.  I hoped someday that I could help others get through the difficulty of losing someone you love, by creating something useful and beautiful.  At the same time, do what I love most… make pots.

If you’re interested in reading more about my urns check out Studio Potter Winter 2009 and or The Crafts Report, November 2008

Here is a slide show of a large classic urn form in process.  To see all the finished urns visit Lucia Pottery.

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Making and Marketing… Etsy to Urns

So my etsy shop is open, with just eight things so far, hopefully more to come this week.  I’m overwhelmed.  You start one new thing and your focus goes totally there…  everything else drops off.  It happened when I started blogging, then facebook, now etsy.  Etsy is a good thing, but takes so much time to photograph everything well, and to network well.  And it’s only going to be a good thing if you do all these things well.  I’m finding it to be like all other marketing… it all takes time… time that I never seem to have enough of!

On top of trying to get the etsy shop started last week, the making of pottery couldn’t stop.  I shipped out four cremation urns in two days, that rarely happens, and it made me realize how low my stock of urns is.  So I made quite a few urns last week, some are quite large… it is physically very tiring.  Then there is the whole emotional aspect of making urns, I will have another whole post on that soon.

Biodegradable Urns at Lucia Pottery

For years I have been wanting to create a pot that does not have to be fired, but can still serve a function and be used…  I guess it’s the environmentalist in me.  Every time I fire that kiln I think about where is the energy coming from.  I ask myself what can I make that is still considered pottery, and leave its mark on someone’s life, but will also leave just a little mark on our resources.

So what would a pot like this entail?  

For the past year I have been working on this idea for an urn made of recycled paper, and recycled clay. I have been making urns for people and their pets for the past five years.  So making a biodegradable urn made so much sense for me.  It does not have to be fired because there is so much paper in it… so think of it as handmade paper with clay to give it form.

Here is a little slide show of the urns.  I took these photos last fall in our back woods near the Green River.

See this and all of my work on my brand new website coming tomorrow at noon!  www.luciapottery.com

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My article in “THE STUDIO POTTER”

Check out the current issue of The Studio Potter .  I wrote an article entitled,

“Container for the Spirit”.

When I heard the issue was on “The Body”.  I felt compelled to write about the

containers I make, which hold the remains of the body. 


If you are not a subscriber to The Studio Potter, your missing out on quite a fine 

ceramics magazine. To subcribe go to www.studiopotter.org



It is where we start – the most
intimate and inalienable unit
of our personhood and the vehicle
of our lived experience.
By our bodies we measure, know,
and make sense of the world
Our bodies are the referent by which we understand many of
languages’s abstractions: the upness of above, the hardness
of difficult, the opposition of inside and outside. The hand,
we say, has mastery, but for makers the whole body…
THE BODY Volume 37 Number 1 Winter 2008/Spring 2009