Whirlwind Lately

That’s what life has been lately in the pottery studio.  Mostly all good, just some bad… like fixing the kiln, and getting a custom urn order wrong… arrgh.  But the reality is that those two things happened because I’m too busy.  Element wires and thermocouples should have been changed before they conked out in the middle of a very important firing.  But everything, I mean everything is in constant motion.  I am just non-stop, all day, every day.  It’s a good thing though, that I am busy… I’m doing what I love and making a living at it.  Yet sometimes it is just so hard to run your own business.  Just seems like there are no lines drawn from work to home life.  Sunday is the only day I make sure I don’t step foot in the studio, or pick up a sketchbook, or go on the computer!  It really is a good thing to just stop!  Yesterday the family went for a beautiful hike on the Poet Seat Trail here in Greenfield. Then we went to a local event called Cider Days.  Just spending some time sampling cider and all varieties of apples at Clarkdale Fruit Farm.

I think I was too busy to write about last week’s shows, The Teapot show at Molly Cantor Pottery… “Ten Potter’s Take on Tea”  What a nice opening it was (I didn’t even get pictures, so unlike me).  I also did a small craft fair to benefit the local Artspace Community arts center.

On the agenda this week is the Friday opening at the Artisan Gallery in Northampton, 4th annual Cup and Mug Invitational, should be a great opening as there are lots of artists. (hopefully I’ll remember my camera) 

So here is a little taste of a couple of cups fresh out of that newly fixed kiln!


Another cup show and my Holiday Sale coming up in early December… check my website home page for details!


More Pots for the Sale

Today we started setting up for the Holiday Sale which starts tomorrow at 4:00!  The studio is becoming transformed!  Here are more preview pics of the latest work.

Olives anyone?


Lovely to Hold

Garlic and Olive Oil. Yum

Large and Meduim Serving Bowls

Before Show Preparations and Hurting Hands

This weekend is the North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival.  Where everything is garlic, even the ice cream.  So I’m bringing my garlic graters, french butter keepers with garlic flavored butter, and garlic jars.  I guess I’ll bring some mugs and bowls too.

I don’t usually do craft fairs but I’m trying to do more local stuff and have found that diversity is the key to  running a good business.  I’ve also heard this is a good fair.  Too bad the weather is calling for rain…  we shall see.

Does anyone have any suggestions besides rest, (which I am doing today) for hurtin potter’s hands???   My hands have been hurting since building all the new tables and shelves for the studio.  I then did a lot of throwing, and now a lot of glazing. 

Here is a pic of the loaded glaze table.  Lot’s of garlic graters!

Glazing for the Garlic and Arts Festival


Happy Trails

Lots of customers,  wonderful, sunny, blue sky days….  a happy weekend on the Pottery Trail was had by all.  For those of you who could not make it, here are some shots of the studio set up as my gallery for the weekend!  And a big  Thank  You to all of my customers for your support!